The time has come for a solar powered car.

It was only a matter of time. We all knew it was coming. We just didn't know what it would look like.

The future is coming. The future is almost here. The future is here. Anyone that has any interest in scifi or the future has been asking for decades "where is the solar car"? It makes sense. Most of us park them in a parking lot all day in the sun and then only use them minimally. If there was only a car that charged itself using the sun while it sat there. Makes sense right?

When We Say "Off The Grid". We Mean It.

With the off road edition and the camping option, if you are where there is sun, you only need supplies.

A lot of products claim to be game changers, but this really is one. Not just the life of the owner, but the life of society. This is the first step towards autonomy. No longer are we going to be dependent on the major, controlling corporations like energy and oil companies. The future will be different and this is the first step.  

No Gas

Foget going to the gas stations. It will be a thing of the past. You'll drive right by and look at the suckers still sucking off big oils teet.

No Plugging In

If you drive less then 40 miles a day you don't even need to plug it in. If you do, it is the first vehicle to adopt Tesla's charging connection.

No Home Modifications

Unlike every other EV you don't need to modify your home with an additional 220 line. If you do need to plug it in at home, over night, a 110 extension cord will do the trick.

Autonomus Driving

Being forward thinking doesn't mean you have to sacrafice ammentites. The Aptera will offer autonomus driving like all other premiere vehicles.

Different Drive Options

Custom configure your Aptera for your lifestyle. Will never need 1,000 mile range? Save money on the build. Store it in a garage out of the sun so the solar all over is pointless? Sale it back.

Be One Of The First

If you're convinced already, you can be one of the first to get your Aptera.

the Sun Powered Car

You don't have to believe in climate change or be progressive. All you need is the desire to be FREE. Free from the shackles of major corporations having a leash around our necks and dictating how we live our lives. If we can afford a vacation. If we can afford to pay our bills. If we can afford to get to work.


The Future Starts Now

Unparalleled Safety

Not being tethered to the traditional styling because of the lack of an engine or transmission the Aptera has some of the highest safety standards in the industry

Stylish Comfort

With all the attention to the ability to untether from the grid you might wonder if we've sacrificed comfort. Not a chance. We wouldn't be able to survive if the Aptera was uncomfortable or lacked styling.  You'll step through the lambo doors into a clean and sophisticated interior with the influence of scifi spaceships with it's clean and uncluttered look.

We Took the Natural World At Its Word

There has been tons of science over the decades done in all these disciplines to prove it was viable. But like Tesla has shown us, developing a new way to produce and deliver transportation, is a huge undertaking.

We have built all kinds of vehicles. Aerodynamics is something designers have been working with for decades. That balance between what they believe the people will find acceptable or fashionable and what is aerodynamically as efficient as it can be. But what if you tossed that thinking out the window? What if you designed the vehicle for efficiency first and foremost? Everyone, we present you the Aptera!

Be the Change

We are often faced with choices in our lives. Some big some small. Buying a new car is a pretty big on. It is an extension of our personalities. It is the face we put on when we step out in the community. You can be a wallflower and buy what everyone else is buying. Or you can make a statement. Not only in styling, but for the economy.

Takes Courage To Be Different

Considering such a unique vehicle can be quite a big decision for some. Others, it's a no-brainer. Whatever camp you fall in, if you choose Aptera know that you are casting your vote for a new future.

Our Vision

A vision of a future that runs on sunshine.

Aptera to Integrate openpilot™, the Award-Winning Driver Assistance System

Aptera is pleased to announce that it will integrate openpilot™, the number one ranked driver assistance system by Consumer Reports, in its solar electric vehicles.

I’m Never Paying For Gas Again

Before I discovered Aptera, I didn’t question how much money transportation was.